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Two Treatments Options:  In Clinic   vs. Telemedicine 

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Scheduling and Payment Information

Comparison of Treatment Costs vs. Cost of Substance Use Disorder:  When you look at the amount of money you are spending on your substance use disorder daily, lost income from inability to go to work, and the cost of overall emotional distress, Pathfinder Health Services’ addiction medicine treatment is much less costly than what you are currently spending.



New Patient Consultation: $325

– includes full evaluation by addiction medicine physician

– unlimited in-office counseling by our physicians

– Point of Care Urine testing

– Referral to 12 step facilitation program

– Coordinated care with patient’s primary care physicians and other medical teams

– Access to Pathfinder Health Services medical record and associated testing via Practice Fusion Patient Portal

– 24 hour access to your addiction medicine physician via electronic messaging system.

– Referral to private counselor or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as needed

– Typically duration: 1 hour


Returning Patient Follow-Up (Monthly): $300

– follow-up evaluation by your addiction medicine physician

– unlimited in-office counseling by our physicians

– Coordination with your 12 step facilitation program

– Referral to private counselor or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as needed

– Typical duration: 30 minutes


Can I use my health insurance (private) to pay for my addiction treatment services at Pathfinder Health Services?


  • Private Insurance Coverage:  Pathfinder Health Services is Out-of-Network for all insurers.  Payment is due at time services are rendered (cash, credit/debit card).  Pathfinder Health Services will provide you with appropriate documentation for you to seek reimbursement from your insurer.  Full payment for our physicians services are due at time of appointment.


  • For privately insured patients Pathfinder Health Services will provide patient with a “SuperBill” upon request with ICD-10 codes to help patient seek some reimbursement from their private insurer for maximum allowable charges as deemed by private insurer.


  • Note: Confirmatory urine testing provided by Aegis Sciences Corp.  Aegis will bill your private insurance for confirmatory urine testing.  Patients without insurance will get substantially discounted testing price from Aegis. Aegis will bill patient separately.




Medication Costs:


  • Note: Cost of prescription medication not included.  Private insurance pharmacy benefit can be used, as well as online discount cards found under “Resource” tab.


  • Private Insurance:  Pathfinder Health Services will complete necessary PA (Prior Authorization) to help patient obtain their prescription addiction treatment medications through their private insurance plan.  Pathfinder Health Services will provide patient with a co-pay discount card to help reduce their insurance pharmacy co-pay


  • No Insurance:  Patient is responsible for total cost of their medication.  We typically prescribe generic buprenorphine/naloxone for uninsured patients, which with a discount card we provide, costs patient around $240 per month (without discount card cost is $550)



What makes Pathfinder Health Services different than other clinics?

– Highest quality addiction medicine physicians in the area (many board certified in Addiction Medicine)

Now offering Telemedicine appointments.  Get addiction treatment from the comfort of your own home

– Convenient night and weekend appointments

– Unlimited counseling

– Efficient patient scheduling via online website app

– Minimal wait times in clinic due to our use of electronic health record

– A caring, individualized, respectful approach to your care

– Coordination with local pharmacies

– Evidence based care protocols to help you achieve a long lasting recovery

A note on our prices:  Market analysis shows that Pathfinder Health Services prices are competitive with other providers in Middle Tennessee providing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in the office based setting.